Vicenza, the Golden City of Palladio

Recently, we were at the Italian Embassy for a presentation on Palladio’s
I Quattro Libri by the Director of the Centro Internazionale Studi di Architettura, and we chatted with him about our upcoming trip. Vicenza is such a beautiful and noble city.

After viewing the videos below, you will see why it became known as “Venice on terra firma.” Follow the link below for a brief introduction to the city and Palladio.

‘”Vicenza and Palladio,” below, is a more thorough view of the architect, his ideas and his work.

The Teatro Olimpico is absolutely breathtaking! You cannot visualize it – you have to be there. The three dimensionsal stage with its amazing perspectives, a small city, or rather a small section of a large city on stage, the colonades, the statues.
Click this link; it will give you some idea.

The influence of Palladio extended far beyond those who actually saw his buildings. His widely translated , meticulously illustrated treatise I Quattro Libri disseminated his ideas throughout the world. Thomas Jefferson’s inscribed “This is the Bible” in his copy.

The short films are from the National Building Museum which hosted an exhibit on Palladio last fall.

Palladio, The Revolutionary

Palladio’s Treatise: The Quattri Libri

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