Announcing our 2020 Itinerary – Florence and Chianti

October 10 – 18, 2019 (optional Chianti extension, Oct. 18 – 21)

We introduced this expanded version of tour of Medieval and Renaissance Florence in 2018 to include the option of spending 3 nights in the nearby Chianti region. and we were delighted by our travelers response. Despite the fact that several were returning for the second or even the third time with us, they emphatically agree that one cannot begin  to appreciate the extraordinary richness of Florence in less that a week of carefully planned and coordinated visits, and still have to wander the city on your own discovering your own favorite restaurants, shops and neighborhoods. And then there is Chianti, its own distinctive microcosm unfolding the 60 odd kilometers between Florence and its ancient rival Siena. Chianti has enjoyed its own Renaissance in wine production in the past 30 or so years, and this renewal of tradition will fascinate even those for whom wine is not a personal passion. Wine culture makes a beautiful natural landscape a tableaux of and crafted fields lovingly transformed into works of art, one of Italy’s true glories. The full description of the tour, including detailed itinerary and offering statement are available here.

As always, at the Renaissance Company our goal with this version of the Hilltowns itinerary is to offer you what we are convinced no one else can do quite so well: a discriminating selection of the most culturally important and enjoyable places to visit to appreciate the Italian Renaissance; an itinerary that does all the work of efficient planning to be in the right place at the right time so as to experience as much of what this region of riches has to over, without rush and at leisure in comfort and at an affordable price. All this coupled with expert commentary, not from local tourist guides, but from the two of us who have spent more than two decades sharing our academic expertise and passionate appreciation of this unique aspect of the unparalleled charm and beauty of Italy.

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