Dante MOOC Launches on EDX

On Oct. 15 Georgetown University launched a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) as part of the EDX consortium of Universities. The subject is Dante’s Divine Comedy and Frank Ambrosio is Lead Instructor.

As many will already know, MOOCS are important part of he wide ranging experiment underway in higher education to explore the ways in digital technology can, and cannot, enhance learning and personal growth, especially for those who already have a college degree, do not have ready access to university education, or who are dedicated to life -long learning. EDx MOOCS are free and open to all; currently,the courses are not for credit.

To learn more about the Dante course, see the trailer or register, Follow this link:


To read more about Georgetown’s partnership with Edx and the goals of the MOOC experiment, follow this link to a recent Georgetown Home Page story:



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