Venice, Verona and the Po Valley, May 25 – June 3, 2014 (On Wait List)

This exclusive itinerary is handcrafted to insure that you experience the very best of Venice, without missing any of the treasures that surround it so closely and invitingly yet usually go unseen. The ancient Roman city of Verona, with its colossal amphitheate, ancient Christian church that preserve some of the best Romanesque architecture in Italy, the towering genius of Palladio on display in his home town, Vicenza, and some of the most glorious art that the human hand and imagination has ever created: the mosaics of Ravenna, not to mention the surpassing beauty of Lake Garda and the adjacent wine region of Valpolicella. All this and Venice too! Read the full itinerary and resolve not to miss it!

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