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You really found the balance: a richly guided trip and yet plenty of time to experience each place on our own.  

Jim C.

My wife and I have traveled extensively but this was by far the best trip we have ever taken. 

Tom and Martha P.

Nothing short of utterly transformative.

John Tennant

The care with which you plan these trips shows through in every aspect of every day – the site selections, your great insights into the cultural significance of each, the lodgings you chose. It was a delight!

Karen K.

I can't think of any other company I would even think of visiting Italy with. You don't just want to see what every other tourist sees. You want to come home knowing you saw the real Italy, its hidden art, the in between places, that you have learned something that you will keep with you for the rest of your life.

Adrienne Anastasia Hamilton

My husband and I have had many wonderful travel experiences over the past 25 years, (starting with our honeymoon on the Orient Express) but we both agree that our favorite trips (a total of three) were the ones we took with Renaissance Tours. Deborah and Frank are the World’s Best tour guides. They both possess a wealth of knowledge about Italian art, history and culture. We hung on to every word they said and returned home having learned so much. The careful planning they put into setting up an exciting and varied itinerary made each day a pleasure. Their attention to detail was phenomenal.
To be part of a small, intimate tour group and to have such knowledgeable, gracious, and charming guides, and then, of course, to be in ITALY . . . what more could one ask for?

Lynda Jeffrey Plott

“We highly recommend The Renaissance Company for its well-balanced educational travel programs in Italy, and anywhere else Deborah and Frank decide to go. Expert organization at a very reasonable cost; and no one can facilitate our appreciation of the beauty and artistic wealth of Italy any better than they can. In depth directed visits to significant sites are combined with ample time on our own.”

Tim F.

My trip to Italy with The Renaissance Company in 2016 was a great success - the full engagement, insight, and amiability of the tour leaders, as well as their exquisite attention to detail, made it fun as well as fascinating.  The organization was seamless: no mean feat in a country where services, opening and closing hours and schedules can sometimes follow a rhythm all their own. And I have to mention Deborah and Frank's discretion and sensitivity to diversity - cultural and other; pleasantness all around never ebbed. It was a privilege and a wonder. 

Marian Fitzgibbon, Dublin, Ireland

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