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An Anniversary and a New Partnership

February 2020

We are pleased to be celebrating the tenth anniversary of The Renaissance Company with a new website and a new association. The bookstore Politics and Prose is co-sponsoring our Florence and Chianti tour this October. The tour is divided into two segments, the first is FLORENCE OCTOBER 10 - 18 and the second segment is CHIANTI OCTOBER 18 - 21.

For details go to our Tours page on this website.

In the ten years since we first formed the Renaissance Company, we have had the great privilege and pleasure of enjoying so many extraordinary experiences with so many of you.

In Venice, we joined the Doge's Regatta in Venice's annual Marriage to the Sea. In Chianti, we enjoyed a private six course wine tasting dinner in a Franciscan convent; we joined Tuscan gormands in the culinary Michelin starred wonders of the Festa Dit'unta hidden in the hills of Tuscany; we dined at a sagra dei funghi local food festival in the heart of the Val d’Orcia; in Florence, we lunched under a pergola on the banks of the Arno at a private boat club; we climbed the scaffolds of the Basilica of Santa Croce choir to gaze at the restoration of the Legend of the True Cross and came face to face with the hand of Gaddi.

Seven years ago, we fulfilled a dream of buying a home in Tuscany where we always seeking out new opportunities for travelers to experience Italy like a native - whether it's participating in local events and traditions or accessing exclusive places and experiences unknown to tourists.

We love planning and sharing these adventures because our own enthusiasm for the beauty and resonance of this culture deepens with each experience, through the golden days and the sparkling, crystalline nights. We hope you will join us on our autumn tour with many surprises - both those planned and those that magically present themselves to us. Learn more at or write to us at

Thank you all for all that you've given us over the last ten years. For those who have traveled with us, we appreciate your confidence in us and most of all, the grace of your company and friendship.

We'd love to hear from you. And if you know someone who would be interested in our tours or our newsletter, please forward it. Grazie!

Open my heart and you will see,

'Graved inside of it "Italy."

Robert Browning


Deborah & Frank

The Renaissance Company, LLC

Other news...

Frank and Dante at Politics and Prose

Frank will be back at Politics and Prose to present Dante's Inferno from March 10th to April 21. Details and registration at: In the Middle of Life's Journey...


To mark the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (1483-1520), the National Gallery of Art is launching a special exhibition, Raphael and his Circle from

February 16 - June 14. Click here for details click:

Don Giovanni at the Kennedy Center

The Washington Opera presents Mozart's opera Don Giovanni at the

Kennedy Center February 29 - March 22. For more information click Don Giovanni

Festa della Donna

March 8th, International Women's Day is known as Festa della Donna in Italy where it has long been celebrated by presenting women with a bouquet or sprig of mimosa, one of the earliest flowers of spring. In 1945 the Union of Italian Women voted to officially designate March 8 as La Festa della Donna to recognize the honor and dignity of women and their social, political and cultural achievements.

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